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Shipping, Returns

What is the shipping policy?

We deliver worldwide. All of our orders are sent with tracked shipping. Orders are sent from Brisbane, Australia. Your order will be shipped within 1-2 business days. Shipping times may vary depending on your location, connecting flights & customs clearance.

What is the delivery time in Australia?

Standard Shipping: 3-8 business days
Express shipping: 1-3 business days

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship all over the world. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout.

I no longer want the product, can I send it back?

Lash Candy Cosmetics has a policy stating that returns, exchanges, or refunds will only be accepted if the products are returned within 30 days of purchase in their original packaging and condition. Please be aware that products that have been opened, used, or returned damaged will not be eligible for a refund

Please email with your order number in the subject line to get started. All shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the customer.

How do I change or cancel an order I’ve already made?

Unfortunately once your order has been placed, we’re unable to cancel or make changes to your order.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been posted, you will receive an email with your tracking information that you can then track your order through. All orders are all shipped via Australia Post;

I haven't recieved my order, where is it?

Please contact and send through your order number. We will contact you.

What are the shipping costs?


We charge a $10 AUD flat fee on all domestic standard shipping orders. Free standard shipping applies on all orders over $60 AUD. All orders are shipped via Australia Post with a lead time of 2-7 business days from the date of dispatch



We charge $15.00 AUD flat fee on all domestic express shipping orders



Standard shipping $15.00 AUD flat fee 5-15 Business Days (From Australia) 


Rest of the world: $15.00 AUD  flat fee 5-15 Business Days (From Australia)



Requests for change of address must be made directly with Lash Candy Cosmetics via our customer care email prior to your order being shipped. We will do our best to action this request prior to your item being shipped but can’t guarantee the change. If you have any questions please email our customer care team at 

Lash Candy Cosmetics is not responsible for lost or stolen packages or packages delayed in transit. Please lodge a direct dispute with the courier provider

Eyelash Growth Serum

What is an eyelash growth serum?

Introducing our Eyelash XX3 Advanced growth Serum, specially crafted with cutting-edge polypeptides to enhance the volume, thickness, length, and curl of your lashes. Our serum utilizes an advanced formula consisting solely of natural and safe ingredients, ensuring your lash health is prioritized. With a track record of success, our serum offers a reliable and effective solution for promoting lash growth.

How long before I see results?

Typically, noticeable results can be observed within 4-6 weeks, while the ultimate results are typically achieved around the 12-week mark. Keeping in mind, we have seen results in as little as 2 weeks

Can I use my eyelash growth serum with eyelash extensions?

Absolutely! Our lash growth serum is compatible with eyelash extensions, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both. While extensions provide instant length and volume, our serum works behind the scenes to promote the natural growth and health of your lashes.

By using our lash growth serum with your extensions, you can enjoy stronger and healthier lashes, which can help the extensions adhere better and last longer. The serum nourishes your natural lashes, making them less prone to breakage and promoting a stronger lash foundation.

So go ahead and indulge in the best of both worlds! Enhance the longevity of your eyelash extensions while nurturing the growth of your natural lashes with our lash growth serum. Embrace the beauty and confidence that come with long, healthy lashes, whether they're yours or enhanced by extensions.

Is the eyelash growth serum vegan?


Is the eyelash growth serum cruelty free?

YES!! we love animals

Can I use the eyelash growth serum if I wear contact lenses?

Absolutely, it is completely safe to use our product. Our eyelash serum is formulated with all-natural and safe ingredients. We have conducted tests specifically on contact lens wearers to ensure its compatibility. If you have any concerns, we recommend removing your contact lenses before applying the serum before bedtime or consulting with your optometrist for further guidance.

Can I use the eyelash growth serum with makeup?

Certainly, it is completely acceptable to wear makeup while using an eyelash growth serum. However, it is important to ensure that any existing makeup, such as mascara or similar products, is thoroughly removed before applying the eyelash growth serum.

Why should I buy from you?

There are several compelling reasons why choosing to buy from us is the right decision:

  1. Premium Quality: We take great pride in delivering products of the highest quality. Our eyelash growth serum is carefully formulated with premium ingredients that have been rigorously tested to ensure effectiveness and safety. When you purchase from us, you can trust that you are investing in a top-notch product.
  2. Proven Results: Our eyelash growth serum has garnered rave reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. Many have experienced noticeable improvements in lash length, thickness, and overall health after using our serum consistently. We stand behind the efficacy of our product and are confident that you will see the results you desire.
  3. Natural and Safe: We prioritize your well-being and understand the importance of using gentle and natural ingredients. Our eyelash growth serum is crafted with a blend of botanical extracts, vitamins, and nourishing components that promote lash growth without causing irritation or harm to your eyes or lashes.
  4. Exceptional Customer Care: When you choose to buy from us, you become a valued member of our community. We are committed to providing exceptional customer care, ensuring that your questions are answered promptly and any concerns are addressed. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.
  5. Value for Money: We believe that premium quality should be accessible to everyone. Our eyelash growth serum offers excellent value for money, as a little goes a long way, and you can enjoy long-lasting results without breaking the bank. Investing in our serum is an investment in the beauty and health of your lashes.
  6. Confidence and Beauty: We understand the transformative power of beautiful lashes. Our eyelash growth serum is designed to boost your confidence and enhance your natural beauty. With longer, fuller lashes, you'll have that extra touch of allure that can make a difference in how you feel and how others perceive you.

In summary, buying from us means choosing a premium quality product with proven results, crafted from natural and safe ingredients. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and well-being, and we believe in the transformative power of our eyelash growth serum. Join us on this beauty journey and experience the difference for yourself.

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